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"When I started seeing Dr. Persons, I was dealing with constant excruciating back pain that my previous chiropractor was brushing off as me turning 30. Dr. Persons genuinely listens to the issues I have and creates an actual plan to get me feeling better. Before seeing him, I couldn't be in any position for too long without stabbing pain. After seeing him for a few months now, I was able to take a 5-6hr road trip myself for the first time in years. This entire experience has given me hope that what I want to do with my life is actually feasible. Plus Maverick the office dog makes every appointment so fun :)"

- Ellen T.

"Just so you're aware, I just played a round of golf today for the first time in a few weeks with no practice. I shot an 81 playing 18-holes! Before you started working on my back, I was shooting a 97-104 score in 18-holes. I'm shooting about 20 strokes lower! I'm 2/3rds of the way back to how I used to score, pre-surgery!

Put it this way - I used to be a JPGA candidate as a kid. I was VERY good at golf. After the surgery, it just went straight into the toilet, haha. Almost back to where my goal is, which is shooting in the low 70's"

- Rob

"Dr. Matt and Dr. Brooke are fantastic. Always upbeat and make you feel like a person and not a patient. Very authentic and sincere!"

- Joan I.

"Dr. Matt and Dr. Brooke are awesome! I came to their office seeking help with my lower back pain that I couldn't get rid of. Dr. Brooke did my initial examination and helped find the root of the problem. They set up a plan to get rid of the pain and very professionally explained what we needed to do to relieve my discomfort. From then on I had my appointments with Dr. Matt and I started to get relief almost immediately after we started the corrections. Now a couple of months later I am pain free! I highly recommend giving Dr. Matt and Dr. Brooke a shot!"

- Tanner T.

"I was fortunate to have had Drs. Brooke and Matt when my shoulder and rib cage gave me continual pain and tingling . I had several visits to MDs and therapy sessions without permanent relief. Dr. Brooke was able to review and analyze my problem and come up with an aggressive schedule of treatment. Dr. Matt treated me at each visit, and listened to my input regarding results. He was quick to modify treatment based on changes in my comfort level and improving exercise regimen. Dr.Brooke and Dr. Matt were always personable, attentive to my needs, and professional in their approach to improving my condition. I now have full motion in my shoulder without pain or nerve tingling. I find it very easy to recommend Drs. Brooke and Matt to anyone in need of excellent chiropractic care. And, if you know of a great BBQ joint, pass it on to Dr. Matt, he is a real BBQ aficionado."

- Larry B.

"Dr. Matt and Dr. Brooke is the best dynamic duo you could ask for!

Dr. Matt takes his time to get to know you, as well as your body. He always got the best pops on my back. He is extremely knowledgeable, and if he doesn't know it he is honest with you and will tell you Dr. Brooke will more than likely have that answer.

Dr. Brooke is so sweet and is super easy to open up with. While her and Dr. Matt share the same goals they have their own styles and strengths. She too takes her time getting to know you and your body. She takes her time and makes sure the issue is fixed before you leave her office.

You will not be disappointed with their office and the care you receive with these two. They really are the best team you could have to help your spine health, and to help make sure you're at your absolute best."

- Anonymous

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